Play Brogue the roguelike in your browser!

Google Chrome is strongly recommended. Other browsers should work too but have been less tested.

This site is based in the EU (London). Too much lag? - try the US site.

  • Brogue is a roguelike masterpiece by Brian Walker. Version 1.7.5 with important fixes is available for Windows and macOS.
  • Brogue CE is a community-lead effort to keep improving Brogue.
  • gBrogue is a fork of Brogue 1.7.4 by Greg Reed.
  • unBrogue is a fork of Brogue 1.7.1 by Andrew Doull.

WebBrogue is maintained by flend. Fork the code on github, and post an issue or make a pull request. Kip Raske built the original version and runs the US site.

Have fun and get that amulet and some lumenstones!